By Charlie 2 Shirt


Debut author 2-shirt begins a sprawling, epic trilogy of classically styled vampire novels, spanning centuries and exploring the extremes of good and evil.

This story begins rooted in truth: Jacques de Molay, the final Grand Master of the Knights Templar, was a genuine historical figure, sentenced to death in 1314 after he recanted his confession—offered under torture—to acts of depravity and sacrilege. In both the novel and in real life, the Templars’ treasure and King Phillip IV’s debts played a significant role in de Molay’s trial, but the similarities stop there. Rather than ending Jacques’ story with a burning at the stake, the book lends credence to the accusations of his demonic proclivities. Its version of Jacques submits his soul to Mithras, a dark god of great power. Jacques’ immortality takes him across Europe, taking vengeance against the royals and struggling against other mighty supernatural creatures, including his own vampire kin. Weeks and months quickly blur into centuries as Jacques has many other strange, frightening encounters, sometimes with famous figures of the medieval and Renaissance periods. But ultimately, his greatest challenges come from within, as he must weigh his dark gifts and Templar morality against a chance to recover his soul and fight for a real future. The weight of all these ideas and the time span of the story would drag many books down, but this novel is a delightful exception. The prose here is solid and confident, moving smoothly and easily between scenes of blood and violence and startling insights into characters, the complexities of vampire lore, and legends such as that of the Ark of the Covenant. Vampire fans are sure to delight in these rich details, but lovers of historical fiction will also be captivated by the depictions of everything from the French aristocracy to the wilds of Russia’s Ural Mountains to Leonardo Da Vinci’s workshop. The struggle over Jacques’ soul may feel overly familiar to some readers, but the novel’s tight pacing and breadth of focus more than make up for it

A dynamic, entertaining journey that takes vampire fiction back to its roots.


Cover of chapter 1

France, AD 1314. The livery stable is located in the countryside off a dirt road going nowhere. The clank-clanking of the blacksmith’s hammer reverberates in the dank night air. A young man, spread-eagle, is strapped naked on a butcher block alongside a fire pit. His hungry body is so weakened from fear that he makes no effort to struggle against his heavy, worn, leather restraints. A leather gag, pulled tightly across his mouth, muffles his groans. The heat of the fire dances off the withered skin that hangs from his ribs. His crime: stealing food. His wife and two young children are starving. He did everything he could, gathering edibles from the forest—roots, berries, plants, grasses, nuts, and bark— but it wasn’t enough. So he stole several handfuls of seed grain from his lord’s horse stables. Claude de Lavoe, the supreme commander and marshal of the Knights Templar, is a thick, heavily muscled, imposing man. A blacksmith’s blackened, scarred, leather apron is cinched around his fleshy belly. He picks up a small, razor-sharp knife, pulls the leather gag off his prisoner, and makes several precise cuts around the tops of the cheeks, across the forehead, and on the back of the young man’s neck.





I loved the book! There was always a twist coming and I was truly surprised with each controversy as it arose. I loved the evolution of the characters and I hope for a second book!
Jane Doe, Social Media Designer
The author provides us with a historical adventure, framed with detailed descriptions and ‘crusty’ humor.
Vampire Jacques had an existence of just converting mortals, but we soon fall in love and take a journey
with him thru his ‘human’ emotional side, and in finding his true love. This is an excellent read…
Jeanette J9ones, Social Media Designer
As for the Book: I just finished it and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I really had no experience with vampires before this book. The book explained the vampire world to me in great detail which is very interesting. I liked the history, humor, story line and insight on how the vampires live. I defiantly will be looking forward for your next book. Keep them coming.
CPA, Social Media Designer
In 1307 AD King Philip IV of France and Pope Clement V sign an order having the Knights Templar’s arrested on grounds of heresy. They are tortured and confess to spitting on the cross, practicing black magic and worshiping of idols. One of the idols is the God, Mithras, a mystical being having as one of her families, the Ventrue or the vampire. They also sentence Jacques De’Molay, the leader of the Templar’s to death because he won’t reveal the hiding place of the Templar treasure. A prisoner in a large steel cage, the flames leaping up around him, Jacques curses them, sells his soul to the God Mithras and predicts both will be dead within one year. Both die within the next three months. Claude De’Lavoe, a Templar Marshall, commander of the Knights Templar and Jacques best friend, watches the trial with Jacques’ mistress, Margaret.

About the author

Though he doesn’t have any Sioux or Assiniboine blood running through his veins Charlie 2-Shirt grew up on the Sioux, Assiniboine Indian Reservation in Montana. While fishing one summer day, a Native American friend declared he was sick and tired of the two shirts, one blue and one pink that Charlie kept wearing to school, and if he kept wearing those shirts, his new name was going to be “Charlie 2-Shirt.” So, Charlie is very proud to adopt, in homage to a great guy and friend, the pen name Charlie 2-Shirt.